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Established in 1998, Ezitracker has built a reputation of being a trusted supplier of reliable and innovative technology solutions for better remote workforce management.

Part of the HAS Technology Group, our solutions for Staff Scheduling, Time & Attendance Monitoring, Mobile Audits, Payroll Automation and Management Reporting are developed with our customers in mind. We pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of the mobile workforce market and the quality of service we deliver. 

We are small enough to be agile and responsive to local customer and market needs and large enough to be able to provide global solutions for multi-national organisations. 

Our solutions are developed with the ability to integrate with other business critical software packages to make remote workforce management easier, more cost effective and operationally efficient.

Explore how we've helped the key sectors we work with by clicking on the left hand links. 

Are you ready to learn about our solution for Staff Scheduling? To find out more about the Ezitracker Remote Workforce Management solution, make an enquiry here .