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Getting the right staff in the right place at the right time

Managing complex staff schedules can be an absolute headache - Budget airline Ryanair’s management team found this out the hard way earlier this month.  The spiralling situation over staff rotas led to the announcement to cancel up to 50 flights per day over six weeks and a complete PR disaster ensued.  In the mobile FM sector, being confident that you can get the right people in the right places at the right time is crucial. Having full, real-time visibility of staff attendance and punctuality is key to implementing and managing complicated staff scheduling.

At Ezitracker we’ve been providing reliable remote workforce monitoring solutions to the commercial cleaning and facilities management industry for almost 20 years. In that time, our solutions have been instrumental in helping our customers achieve significant reductions in their; wage bill – by only paying staff for hours worked. In their administration time and costs – no manual checking of paper timesheets and inputting information into payroll. In their time and pay discrepancies – evidence of actual hours worked versus planned at your fingertips.  Ezitracker is the market-leading remote workforce management service used by Facilities Management providers, cleaning companies and other organisations that employ large numbers of remote working staff.  Ezitracker is currently trusted by over 80,000 users worldwide.

Our robust, fully scalable solutions have been developed around a stable platform with facilities management in mind. As our service is web-based, there’s no capital outlay, it’s easy to implement and extremely cost effective, as you only pay for what you use.  Attendance can be verified in real-time thus eliminating timesheets. Payroll reporting is streamlined and time and attendance data is all captured using either a landline / mobile telephone or one of Ezitracker’s workforce monitoring devices.  All this information is sent to Ezitracker in real-time so your all your managers can:

• get a clear picture of where staff are and when

• receive immediate alerts for late arrivals, no-shows and early leavers

• act fast to minimise service disruption

• achieve Working Time Directive compliance

• ensure your remote workers are kept safe

• evidence SLAs are being met

• compare actual hours worked against planned

• significantly reduce over-payments

• eliminate paper timesheets and related time-keeping disputes

• reduce the potential for fraud

• accurately identify extra capacity

• automate payroll and invoice reporting

• respond quickly to unplanned demand.

Ezitracker includes scheduling, payroll and invoice reporting so you can allocate employees, assign pay rates, produce payroll extracts, and report results quickly. It will integrate easily and seamlessly with existing rostering and payroll systems, so you can maximise ROI on both Ezitracker and other system investments.

Ezitracker allows tailored reports to be created quickly and easily. Reports can be set to run automatically and, if required, emailed to nominated recipients. Field selection criteria can be customised. With a wide choice of report formats, Ezitracker integrates with other applications in the Ezitracker suite to give you a comprehensive reporting solution for all aspects of your workforce management. Our innovative solutions give you the power to substantially increase customer satisfaction, rapidly gain competitive advantage, and win more business fast.

Our knowledgeable staff have a wealth of experience working for and with facilities management companies. We can provide user training on-site or online, and with our Helpdesk, you can rest assured any enquiries you have will be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.


To find out how to transform the management of your remote workforce and deliver a real quantifiable increase in profit margins, email matthew.odonnell@ezitracker.comHe’ll then contact you to organise a demonstration of the Ezitracker solution at your workplace.


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