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How to stay on budget and transform your payroll process

Many of the largest names in commercial cleaning and facilities management are implementing the remote workforce management solution from Ezitracker to transform their payroll processes and stay on budget.

In the FM and commercial cleaning sectors the biggest budget will be for staff, so payroll and resource planning are critical to delivering the service plan. This burden is further increased by complex daily scheduling tasks, time-consuming manual processing of time sheets and the task of preventing time sheet fraud, over payments and payroll discrepancies.

Ezitracker’s powerful payroll reporting module EziBudget integrates with Ezitracker to calculate actual attendance hours for each employee against defined pay rates.  Rates can be assigned by schedule, site and employee type and you can define rates for hours worked, allowances, leave and holidays. Using proven hierarchical rules, EziBudget completely eliminates the labour-intensive process of preparing timesheet data for payroll and gives you accurate information on contract profitability.


We know that cost control on delivery is critical to you. With Ezitracker you have full control and verification of the complete time and attendance process so your workforce activities are optimised to provide best value for money. With the functionality to alert you to the unexpected, and with accurate data feeding your financial processes, EziBudget gives you the means to contain costs and remain on budget.


Ezitracker means manual time sheets are eliminated and staff time and attendance is calculated.  Our fully inclusive price covers all aspects of payroll management and we go beyond the typical scope of a payroll bureau. Ezitracker automates functions involved in the processing of payroll including recording time and attendance, leave entry, creating pay groups and payroll calculations. Payroll automation provides many benefits as it increases efficiencies, reduces administration costs and human error. Automation also ensures processing consistency and reduces potential award interpretation errors when processing payments. Ezitracker is designed to work with most payroll systems and is capable of importing employee information and is a fully customisable solution whether you pay your employees weekly, fortnightly, monthly or have multiple pay cycles.

EziBudget allows managers to track and preview hours worked, in order to approve or intervene, if required, to record absences or update hours worked. Managers are able to report on budgeted versus actual hours worked to ensure required targets are being met. The Ezitracker payroll solution includes the following:

•         Ability to apply specific pay rates for individual employees;

•         Apply pay rates for specific sites and shift schedules;

•         Link schedules and sites for individual employees;

•         Create interim pay runs;

•         Apply processing rules to pay groups;

•         Performance reporting including schedules hours versus hours worked;

•         Approvals of hours worked prior to payroll processing; and

•         Financial reporting on manager approval and closure of each payroll cycle.

In most cases, Ezitracker integration with the payroll system allows data to be transferred easily between the two systems and removes the need for manual intervention.

To find out more about the Ezitracker EziBudget payroll solution, email  He’ll then contact you to organise a demonstration of the Ezitracker solution at your workplace.


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