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How to streamline your FM provision using Electronic Staff Monitoring

Employers of large numbers of cleaning and facilities management (FM) staff face demanding challenges in a market that is intensely competitive with constant pressure on margins. Many clients now insist upon independent verification of visits and missed or late visits can undermine the best of client relationships.

The FM service provider’s burden is further increased by complex daily scheduling tasks, time-consuming manual processing of time sheets and the task of preventing time sheet fraud, over payments and discrepancies.  Globally, some of the biggest names in commercial cleaning and facilities management no longer have these problems thanks to implementing a remote workforce management solution like Ezitracker.

Ezitracker has an unrivalled track record in helping companies cut costs, improve operational efficiency, increase tender bid success rate, accurately measure contract profitability and deliver a real competitive advantage.  That’s why we are the market-leading remote workforce management service used by organisations that employ large numbers of remote working staff.  We are currently trusted by over 80,000 users worldwide.

The bigger cleaning specialists and facilities management providers offer a range of services such as cleaning, landscaping, maintenance, pest control, security, washroom services and waste management employ large numbers of field-based workers – sometimes thousands of remote working, site-based staff. Contractual arrangements and service level agreements create a need to provide proof of service provision to their clients, in most cases actual evidence of time spent at a client’s premises providing these contracted services.

Ezitracker is the perfect solution for remote workforce management. It also delivers many other important benefits: with a real-time verified report on the actual hours worked the system's payroll reporting feature means this information is seamlessly integrated into leading payroll systems so that actual hours worked can be matched against contracted hours, streamlining and simplifying the whole payroll process and driving down payroll and operating costs.

Using Ezitracker leads to a massive reduction in the administrative burden of paper timesheets, resulting in substantial savings in payroll processing. In addition, by providing a precise third party record of actual hours worked on site by remote staff, Ezitracker eliminates time sheet fraud, reduces payroll overpayments, discrepancies, disputes and time spent on supervision.

To find out how to transform the management of your remote workforce and deliver a real quantifiable increase in profit margins, email matthew.odonnell@ezitracker.co.uk  He’ll then contact you to organise a demonstration of the Ezitracker solution at your workplace.

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