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How does remote workforce management software work?

Ezitracker has an unrivalled track record in helping companies cut costs, improve operational efficiency, increase tender bid success rate, accurately measure contract profitability and deliver a real competitive advantage.  That’s why we are the market-leading remote workforce management service used by organisations that employ large numbers of remote workers.  We are currently trusted by over 80,000 users worldwide.

Employers of large numbers of cleaning and facilities maintenance staff face demanding challenges in a market that is intensely competitive with constant pressure on margins. Many clients now insist upon independent verification of visits and missed or late visits can undermine the best of client relationships. The burden is further increased by complex daily scheduling tasks, time-consuming manual processing of time sheets and the task of preventing time sheet fraud, over payments and discrepancies.  Globally, some of the biggest names in commercial cleaning and facilities management no longer have these problems thanks to implementing a remote workforce management solution like Ezitracker.


A selection of reports and alerts allow management to check that staff have logged in and logged out at the right site as scheduled. If an employee is late to arrive or to leave, an alert can be raised and sent immediately to management and remedial action taken if there is any breakdown in service. The information can also be sent to payroll and syndicated with other systems to further improve operational performance across the business.  Ezitracker provides transparent records of proof of service delivery, helps contract service providers meet compliance obligations, reduce time spent on payroll administration, eliminate timesheet fraud or overpayment problems, cut the payroll bill, improve bid success rates and ensure that users meet duty of care obligations for lone workers.

Ezitracker allows customers to achieve significant reductions in their; wage bill – by only paying for actual hour worked. In their administration time and costs – no manual checking of timesheets and inputting information into payroll. In their time and pay discrepancies – evidence of actual hours worked versus planned at your fingertips.

The system includes scheduling, payroll and invoice reporting so you can allocate employees, assign pay rates, produce payroll extracts, and report results quickly. It will integrate easily and seamlessly with existing rostering and payroll systems, so you can maximise ROI on both Ezitracker and other system investments.

Ezitracker allows tailored reports to be created quickly and easily. Reports can be set to run automatically and, if required, emailed to nominated recipients. Field selection criteria can be customised.  With a wide choice of report formats, Ezitracker integrates with other applications in the Ezitracker suite to give you a comprehensive reporting solution for all aspects of your workforce management.

To find out how to transform the management of your remote workforce and deliver a real quantifiable increase in profit margins, email matthew.odonnell@ezitracker.co.uk  He’ll then contact you to organise a demonstration of the Ezitracker solution at your workplace.

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