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The untapped productivity potential of seven million UK workers

Nearly a quarter of UK employees rate themselves as ‘unproductive’ at work, equating to seven million of the nation’s total workforce, according to research by Vodafone.

The research from Vodafone reveals that nearly a quarter (23%) of UK employees rate themselves as ‘unproductive’ at work, equating to seven million of the nation’s total workforce. At a time when improving the UK’s labour productivity is high on the agenda, the survey of more than 3,000 UK employees reveals there is an untapped opportunity for employers to help boost workforce productivity.

The research highlights some of the steps companies can take to increase productivity. It identifies ways to drive up productivity and highlights the benefits of creating a digital workplace. Nearly two in five employees agree that their ideal place of work would have the most up-to-date technology on the market. Those who do have the right technology to do their job effectively, like their job more than those who don’t. Over 50% say the right technology helps them to be more productive.


Tony Bailey, Head of Regional Business at Vodafone UK commented:

“Across the UK people are looking for support from their employers to help them be their best at work. While a third of employees believe they are ‘very productive’, there is a huge opportunity for employers to look at what changes they can make to unlock the potential of the significant proportion of the workforce who don’t think they are working as well as they could be.”


Creating a way of working that best serves the wider business and its customers can enhance employee productivity.   A key part of this is where staff are getting their work done. More than half (58%) of employees surveyed still work the majority of the time in their employer’s office or building, meaning workspace remains a vital component of how effective employees are able to be. But with a staggering 43% of employees working from a customer or project site to some extent, making sure they can work effectively and stay connected to their colleagues and customers from wherever they are will also help increase output.



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