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Landline / Telephony
Staff simply dial a free-phone number from your client site, key in their unique PIN and your Ezitracker Monitoring will capture their ID, site ID and hours worked.

For greater flexibility, staff can use their mobile phones to record their time and attendance:

Ezitracker Verify
A small, battery operated device kept at your client’s site will generate a unique time and location dated code number for your staff on arrival and exit. They simply log in and out by texting the code to the Ezitracker Monitor using their mobile phones (or a landline) and a free-text short code.

Ezitracker QR
Your staff log their time and attendance by scanning a unique QR coded site tag fixed at your client site using their mobile phone.

Ezitracker NFC
A unique coded Near Frequency Communication tag is fixed at your client site. Your staff can record their time and attendance by scanning the code using their NFC enabled mobile phone.

Wall Mounted

Ezitracker iTap
Staff tap a contactless card onto a neat, unobtrusive wall mounted device as they arrive and depart from site.

Ezitracker iButton
Using an intelligent fob containing employee ID information, staff touch the terminal and time and attendance details are sent immediately to Ezitracker Monitor via a mobile phone network.

Using biometric technology eliminates any doubt that an employee’s time and attendance record was submitted by them –and only them.

Ezitracker Biotouch is a biometric finger scanning device. On arrival and exit, staff touch their finger across the wall mounted device and time and attendance details are sent instantaneously via a local network cable connection, by WiFi or by the mobile network to Ezitracker Monitor.

Multi-Function Biometric Terminals
Ezitracker Maximus or Prodigy enables staff to log in and out using a single terminal in a variety of ways: a finger print scan, card swipe or keypad.