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Business’ need help from government due to new data rules


Eighty-four per cent of UK small business owners (SBOs) are unaware of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), says report by the data destruction company, Shred-it.

The research goes on to say that 43% of senior executives of large companies are unaware of the legislation.  Only 14% of SBOs and 31% of senior executives were able to correctly identify the fine associated with the new regulations, the report found.  More than half of SBOs (55%) and approximately one third (31%) of c-suites say that they don’t monitor the frequency at which employees remove confidential information from the office.  41% of SBOs (an 8% increase from 2016) believe that the Government’s commitment to information security needs improvement.

The government intends for the new legislation to include “tougher rules on consent, rights to access, rights to move and rights to delete data.  Enforcement will be enhanced, and the information commissioner given the right powers to ensure consumers are appropriately safeguarded”.
There is also a new Data Protection Bill which will protect all citizens and give them to right to remove any data from online, for example things posted from younger years.

Proposals stated in the bill will:

  •  make it easily for people to withdraw consent for their personal data to be used
  •  let people ask for data to be deleted
  •  require firms to obtain "explicit" consent when they process sensitive personal data
  •  expand personal data to include IP addresses, DNA and small text files known as cookies
  •  let people get hold of the information organisations hold on them much more freely and easily  make re-identifying people from anonymised or pseudonymised data a criminal offence

This places a strong burden on firms to protect data and allows for significant fines if they fail to protect information or suffer a breach.  Any firm that holds your personal data - from your name to your DNA – can be asked to delete it.

In today’s world of heightened security and with the need for all of us to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) just around the corner, HAS Technology Group owners of the Ezitracker brand has created a new Infrastructure and Security Team. The move has been designed to reflect the high priority the business has always placed on system and data security.

HAS Technology Group already has a range of stringent security policies and standards/accreditations including: ISO27001, PSN compliance and ISO22301, and has recently appointed a Group Compliance Manager, Mark Johnson, to oversee all aspects of security, including GDPR compliance. Mark’s role includes ensuring that our data protection policies and procedures are followed, that staff are trained, and making sure everyone in the business is aware of our security obligations and understands the role they have to play in minimising any security risks.

The Infrastructure and Security team are preparing for GDPR by:

•             reviewing how data is currently being protected, and what controls are currently in place

•             running regular penetration testing and network / server hardening

•             constantly monitoring our systems and network to identify any malicious activity

•             quickly patching systems where any security vulnerabilities are identified

•             regularly reviewing and, where appropriate, restricting data and system access

•             securing buildings by swipe access

•             installing the latest CCTV so that our printed data is less at risk

•             training all our staff from induction onwards on the Importance of data and systems security and the requirements of GDPR so that we embed a culture of continuous improvement.


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Resource: FM World and BBC

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