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Comply to the guidance NICE have issued with Ezitracker’s end to end solutions

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have issued new guidance that, “Care Workers should spend at least 30 minutes on homecare visits to older people in England as part of a new gold standard for services.”

The guidance also recommends:

  • Continuity of care: ensuring Service Users know their Care Workers
  • Care Workers be trained to recognise and respond to health problems
  • greater coordination between the NHS and care services
  • Service Users told in advance if their Care Worker is going to be late or not turn up - and plans put in place for those at risk.

NICE deputy chief executive Prof Gillian Leng said good quality homecare could actually save money as it was less expensive than "care homes or hospitals."

About 500,000 people in England currently receive homecare - with over 70% of those getting contributions from Councils. Ezitracker currently logs over 1 million homecare visits a week working with 25 Councils and over 100 Care Providers. Care Minister Alistair Burt said he wanted to see the sector provide "great care."

  • Ezitracker’s time and attendance solution ensures Service Users are receiving the homecare the Council are paying for. Alerts for missed or late visits help improve efficiency as well as ensure complete transparency of care delivery.
  • Our Ezitracker Roster tool ensures the best fit Care Worker is scheduled for any homecare visit. Our search parameters pull on continuity of care stats, qualifications and training and Care Worker punctuality.
  • Paul Cuskin, family member of a Service User receiving homecare states, “The Care Worker started coming later and leaving earlier, and on occasions just not turning up at all.” This highlights how helpless families often feel as they have no way of knowing if care has been delivered. Ezitracker's See My Care Portal ensures complete transparency of care data allowing family members to use a web-based service to view historical, current and planned care visits. This provides a huge source of reassurance. The families can also fill in satisfaction surveys and monitor Service Users outcomes delivering a full audit trail.

To find out more on how Ezitracker’s end to end solutions can help you ensure 30 minutes homecare visits are delivered and provide reassurance for countless families who rely on homecare call us today on 0330 002 0444 or

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