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ezitracker payroll manager

No manual timesheets - no overpayments

The ezi way to transform your payroll process

Ezitracker’s powerful payroll application integrates with Ezitracker to calculate actual attendance hours for each employee against defined rates. 

Rates can be assigned by schedule, site and employee type and you can define rates for hours worked, allowances, leave and holidays. Using proven hierarchical rules, Ezitracker Payroll completely eliminates the labour-intensive process of preparing timesheet data for payroll and gives you accurate information on contract profitability.

We know that cost control on delivery is critical to you. With Ezitracker you have full control and verification of the complete time and attendance process so your workforce activities are optimised to provide best value for money. 

With the functionality to alert you to the unexpected, and with accurate data feeding your financial processes, you Ezitracker Payroll Manager gives you the means to contain costs and remain on budget.

Eliminate manual time sheets and calculate staff time and attendance using Ezitraker. For payroll automation and workforce management solutions, click here